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To simplify your IT requirements, PARSCOM will suppiy Monitors, Networking, Notebooks, Power Protection, Printers, Servers and Software
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IT Services

Parscom provides outsourced IT department services to businesses. We offer fast on-site service, network reliability, we ensure technology works efficiently in the background. You can rely on our team of qualified IT professionals to deliver expert computer and network service promptly and efficiently. Our main services include: onsite, phone and remote computer support, troubleshooting & problem solving, repair and maintenance.

Whether you need 2 or 200 computers networked, we can get you up and running promptly and professionally. Networks are a great way to share resources in your business environment. With a network, multiple computers can share a single internet connection, a single printer as well as share files between one another.

Virus/Spyware/Adware Detection & Removal
Viruses, spyware and adware can all have a disastrous effect on your PC resulting in anything from theft of your personal data, to loss or corruption of your files, to a full scale system crash. The Internet has seen an ever higher number of these threats emerge - making it an absolute necessity for every PC to be protected.

Faulty Hardware? Why replace when you can repair? Don’t let one piece of faulty hardware be the cause of your entire PC being unavailable. With an upgrade we can restore life into your computer and improve its performance and capability. This can be a cost effective way of getting your system up and running.

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Internet Security & Firewalls
One of the safest ways to safeguard your PC is with a firewall, which prevents intruders from creeping into your PC and accessing, stealing or destroying your personal data. Firewalls also alert you of any unauthorized programs such as spyware, attempting to access the Internet and transmit your data without your knowledge. Firewalls are especially critical for PCs with an always-on connection such as those with an ADSL or cable modem.

Broadband Internet Service
Broadband ADSL has many benefits. Not only is it super-fast and always on, but can be cheaper than dial-up modems. It also frees up valuable resources like your phone and/or fax lines.

Preventative Maintenance
Your computer is like your car - it needs ongoing care and service. Simple preventative maintenance can keep your PC performing at its best and protect you from a major and costly meltdown.

Data Backup & Recovery
How valuable is your data? In our experience, data backup is too often overlooked by users until they have a bad experience with data loss. We can help you backup your data safely and show you how to easily do so on an ongoing basis.

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